Hamms Fish Fry

Lightly coat moist meat or vegetables with breading mix. Fry in 350° oil until golden-brown. Exact cooking time will vary with thickness and type.
Original Breading Mix
Hamm's Fish Fry Original is widely reknowned as the best breading mix around. It makes any fried food, from fish or chicken, to wild game or vegetables have a classic, home-made taste that is sure to please.

Breading Mix for: Fish, Shrimp, Pork, Vegetables, Wild Game and More!
Original Batter - 5lb   Original Batter - 2.5lb   Original Batter - 10oz
Cajan Breading Mix
Hamm's Fish Fry Cajun takes the down-home river flavor of Original to the bayou. It boasts a spicy kick to meet a true enthusiast's taste.

Breading Mix for: Fish, Vegetables, Shrimp, Chicken, Pork, Mushrooms, Wild Game and More!
Cajun Batter - 5lb   Cajun Batter - 2.5lb   Cajun Batter - 10oz
Water Fowl Marinade
Hamm's Venison and Water Fowl Marinade can turn any piece of wild game meat into a flavor sensation, with only two to twelve hours' marination.

Be Sure to try it on: Venison, Duck, Goose, Elk, Beef and more!
Water Fowl Marinade - .5lb